How To: The Best 2019 Amazon Prime Day Deals on Smartphone Accessories

The Best 2019 Amazon Prime Day Deals on Smartphone Accessories

The fifth annual Amazon Prime Day is upon us. Starting July 15, Amazon will offer thousands of deals on products across its site, kicking off at 3 a.m. EDT. This year, it will only run for 48 hours, so you have even less time to act. To save you some of that time, we made a list of the best deals for smartphone accessories.

Prime Day deals can be found in every department, from beauty to electronics. But for our readers, we know you care about one thing: smartphones. We check out all the different deals offered by Amazon during this two-day event and found the best options for those looking to enhance their smartphones with accessories like Bluetooth headphones, wireless chargers, protective cases, and even gear to tote your accessories around with.

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Prime Day Tips

Before you jump on Amazon, there are a few prerequisites in order to take advantage of this mid-July Black Friday event. Nothing too crazy, but for the full offering of all deals, there are some tips you should know about first.

If you're already set here, feel free to jump ahead to the list of deals.

Tip #1: Save on Amazon Prime

As the name implies, Prime Day is for Amazon Prime members. This premium subscription gives you exclusive access to some of Amazon's offerings, including two-day shipping and Prime Video. It's also your ticket into Prime Day.

To become a Prime member you need a subscription. There are two options available: monthly payments and annual payments. The former will cost you $12.99 per month, so the latter is the better deal if you can afford it. At $119 per year, you save $36.88 a year over the monthly subscription.

There are also some ways you can reduce this price. If you are currently a college student, you can bring the price down to $6.49 a month using a valid student email address. The annual subscription price also is discounted to $59 a year, or 50% off the regular subscription. New members can take advantage of a free six-month free trial. If you have a valid EBT or Medicaid card, you can also receive a discounted Prime subscription of $5.99 per month.

Finally, for those who don't want to commit to a monthly or annual subscription, if you haven't already taken advantage, you can always use the 30-day free trial. This way you can take advantage of Prime Day and free two-day shipping for the month of July without paying a dime.

Tip #2: Get the Amazon App

The next thing you'll want is to have is the Amazon app. Downloading the app isn't necessary, but it will help you catch all the deals as they appear. The app is also the only way to see deals ahead of time by searching "sneak peek" in the app's search bar. It's available for both Android and iOS.

  • Install Amazon Shopping: Android (free) | iOS (free)

Tip #3: Get Free Amazon Credit

If this is the first time you've signed in to the Amazon app, you'll get a free $10 Amazon credit. When you make your first purchase within the app, you'll get another $10 Amazon credit. And if you want even more money, when you reload an Amazon Gift Card Balance for $100 or more for the first time, you get an additional $10 Amazon credit.

Tip #4: Turn on Personalized Notifications & Watched Alerts

Another pro tip for Prime Day is getting Amazon to notify you of deals you might be interested in. With thousands of sales going on, you'll likely miss some in the two-day window. To help, you can enable "Personalized Notifications," which will get Amazon to email deals based on your shopping activity.

To enable these notifications, tap the hamburger menu, then tap "Settings." Select "Notifications" from the following screen, then enable "Personalized Notifications."

While you are here, also enable the toggle next to "Your Watched & Waitlisted Deals." What this does is send you a reminder for products on your watch and wait lists. The next time you come across an item that isn't for sale yet, just tap "Watch this deal." Instead of periodically checking to see when it's live, you can get an alert from Amazon.

Deals on Smartphone Accessories

Now for the good stuff. Here are all the best deals we've found for smartphone accessories during Prime Day 2019. These deals are all live right now (at the time of this writing, of course), so feel free to jump on them right away!


If you want to save the most money, AmazonBasics is where it's at. Amazon's brand makes many of the popular accessories you'd find from other manufacturers, but at a fraction of the price. And during Prime Day, these deals are hard to ignore, as Amazon is bringing the price to ludicrously low levels. Check out our list of the best deals on cables, cases, and more.

Bluetooth Headphones

With most phones all but abandoning the headphone jack, chances are, you could use a great pair of wireless headphones. Whether you're looking for some great over-the-ear headphones to rock out on your commute, or some water resistant earbuds while you get a sweat going at the gym, Prime Day's got you covered with great deals for all different styles.

Bluetooth Speakers

Enjoy being the life of the party? Prime Day has several Bluetooth speakers that will evolve your small phone speakers into loud wireless speakers that you can share with others around you. And these aren't some crappy knockoffs. Popular brands such as Bose and Sony have great discounts on their products, saving you quite a bit of money.

Battery Packs

Having a good power bank can really help you get out of a sticky situation, whether it's helping a friend or preventing your phone from dying in a critical situation. There are several on sale for Prime Day, ranging from 5,000 mAh to 20 Wh portable generators.

Wireless Charger

While not as extensive as some of the other categories of accessories, there are still some good deals for wireless chargers. The best deal is the Anker 10W Charger, which is under $15 but requires you pick up an AC adapter. Pick up one of the wall chargers on sale to get both a wireless charging pad and fast wired charging without the need of your phone's power brick.

Wall Charger

Amazon has several of Anker's wall chargers on sale, many of which support USB Power Delivery, the fast charging technology that powers iPhones and Pixel phones. There's even a 10-port charger for those with a lot of devices, freein your surge protector from 10 power bricks.


Besides AmazonBasics's offerings, many of the popular cable companies have Prime Day deals. We listed one of the better deals for both Android users (who phones uses a USB-C port) and Apple users.

Car Mounts

With most states having laws in place forbidding phone usage while driving, having a car mount can be a necessity for those who need to use their phone while on the road (for example, using the GPS to navigate somewhere). There are a few options available on Prime Day, including a couple which use magnets to hold your phone. This way, your phone stays in place without the restrictions of clamps.

Expandable Storage

There are a few memory cards on sale, including the new 1 TB microSD card (if your phone supports it). And if you happen to own a phone without a memory card, there's another option for you: flash drives. Using the data port on your phone, you can attach a flash drive to increase overall storage.

Other Accessories

Besides the more popular accessories, Amazon has a few more goodies on sale that will improve your smartphone experience. For example, if you happen to have a headphone jack still, the Amazon Exclusive Sennheiser HD 599 SE is on sale for $99.95. There's also the Nebula Portable Projector which you can use the cast videos from your smartphone to a large 720p screen. Another highlight is Truckee's backpacks, which can carry your phone and all your other electronics safely without compromising accessibility.

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