How To: Beat level 16 of Angry Birds Seasons with three stars

Beat level 16 of Angry Birds Seasons with three stars

Beat the sixteenth level of Angry Birds Seasons with three stars! On December 1st, Rovio released their version of an advent calendar—Angry Birds Seasons (aka "Angry Birds Christmas"). Each day leading up to the Christmas holiday, a new level will become available to Angry Birds enthusiasts worldwide. Stuck? No problem: a number of YouTube users have pledged to post a three-star walkthrough for each of the game's levels. In this, the December 16th installment, we learn how to beat level 16.

For more information, and to get started beating level 16 of this whimsical, Xmas-themed puzzle game on your own Android phone, iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, watch this helpful video guide.

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This is the best video I've seen on solving this level!! Three attempts after seeing this video, I got my highest score, all 3 stars, and the last 18 days of frustratiosn are gone! Thank you thank you!!!

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