How To: Automatically Use Speakerphone When You Move Your Face Away During a Call

Automatically Use Speakerphone When You Move Your Face Away During a Call

It can get frustrating to switch from a regular call to speakerphone when you're in a hurry. The speakerphone button tends to be small and surrounded by many others, and it requires attention to press; something that can be difficult while driving or multitasking.

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For those of us in a hurry, there's an app for that.

Auto Speaker for Android

Auto Speaker monitors the proximity sensor during a call, and when the proximity sensor detects that the phone is away from your face, speaker mode automatically becomes enabled, without having to press anything.

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You can change the sensitivity options so that the application won't turn on sporadically. Once the options have been tweaked, you can toggle the application on/off from a simple widget. Auto Speaker runs during the dialer application, but does not change it at all.

It's the perfect app for staying connected, and it's free. What could be better?

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