How To: Automatically Add Your Shazam Songs to a Rdio or Spotify Playlist

Automatically Add Your Shazam Songs to a Rdio or Spotify Playlist

We recently showed you how to recover your Shazam history from Siri, which is a lot less intuitive than finding the songs you've tagged directly in the Shazam app. But with a subscription to Rdio or Spotify, there's no need to even locate your history. You can Shazam songs and have them automatically added to a newly created playlist titled "My Shazam Tracks."

This works for both the Android and iOS app. However, keep in mind that if you're using an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, any songs that you manually add to your Shazam app from Siri will not be added to your Rdio or Spotify playlists. Also, if you subscribe to both Rdio and Spotify, you can only connect Shazam to one or the other, not both.

Step 1: Connect to Your Subscription

On your mobile device, open the Shazam app and enter the Settings page ("Social Settings" on Android). Depending on your subscription, select either "Connect to Rdio" or "Connect to Spotify" and you'll be prompted to sign into your streaming music provider. Note that this will only work if you have a trial or paid subscription to Rdio or Spotify.

Step 2: Shazam Songs

To start adding songs, simply use Shazam as you typically would. After the application recognizes the song, it will be simultaneously added to your "My Shazam Tracks" playlist in Rdio or Spotify.

Another benefit of connecting to Rdio or Spotify is that you can play the full track directly in Shazam after it's been recognized. You can also add the tracks to a different Rdio or Spotify playlist by tapping on the + icon in the top right of a tagged song.

Again, iOS users, please keep in mind that this playlist will only populate with tracks identified through Shazam directly, not Siri, even if you add them to Shazam from Siri.

Step 3: Listen to Your Playlist

Now when you enter your Rdio or Spotify app, you'll see the a new playlist where all your Shazamed songs are stored, granted that they were available on the music service. Note that sometimes songs are not added to Spotify right away, and some people are experiencing blank playlists, which Spotify is aware of.

With this useful feature, you'll be able to conveniently save songs that intrigued you for later-listening sessions. Let us know what you think in the comments below, or on our Facebook, Google+, or Twitter.

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what about on a computer? It does not work on my mac. The shazam playlist on spotify stay empty and Shazam on my computer is ''shazaming''.

Been trying to sync whatever i shazame, it doesnt appeared on my shazam list.
What do i did wrong?

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