How To: All the Sites You Can Check for Coronavirus Testing Locations

All the Sites You Can Check for Coronavirus Testing Locations

One of the scariest things about the COVID-19 virus is that you can show no symptoms but still be infected (and contagious). Naturally, we all want to know whether we're carrying the new coronavirus, but if you're showing signs of COVID-19, how can you be tested to know for sure? Websites are popping up to help with that, screening for symptoms, and directing you to a testing site if needed.

Due to the limited number of testing kits currently in circulation, you likely will be turned away from testing if you don't show symptoms and aren't deemed "at-risk" of exposure for the virus. Still, these sites have surveys to help determine whether one or both of those criteria are true, so you don't have to make that decision on your own. If a site is not available to you yet, you can always video chat with a doctor instead.

1: Verily's 'Project Baseline'

Donald Trump threw us for a loop during his March 13 coronavirus briefing when he claimed that Google, with 1,700 of its engineers, was developing a website for testing for the virus that causes COVID-19. As it turns out, Google wasn't working on the site at all. Instead, another Alphabet property, Verily, was taking the reins, and it certainly didn't match up to the President's descriptions.

Verily might not have 1,700 engineers on its staff, and it might not be ready to implement a nationwide survey, but it is working on a COVID-19 Initial Survey. In fact, the site is ready right now, albeit for just two California counties.

Just know that the test itself is rather strict; to qualify, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be 18 or older.
  • Be a US resident.
  • Be able to speak and read English.
  • Be located in one of the counties Verily has testing available.
  • Sign a COVID-19 Public Health authorization form.

2: Oscar Insurance

Oscar might be a health insurance company, but you don't need to have its insurance to take advantage of its COVID-19 resources. In fact, you don't need any insurance. Oscar's free, online COVID-19 survey asks you a series of questions to determine whether you show symptoms of coronavirus while assessing your risk factor for the disease. If the review believes you might be affected by the virus, it can recommend testing locations for you to visit in your area.

While the site does ask if you have an Oscar account, you don't need one to continue. Just tap "I don't have an account," and you'll be able to take the survey right away. Once you answer all the questions, Oscar will present you with a personalized risk assessment. The results will change depending on your answers, including recommendations for personal care as well as whether or not to contact a doctor.

However, the survey will never suggest you have the COVID-19 virus; the worst prognosis will say you exhibit signs of a respiratory infection that may or may not be caused by the new coronavirus.

If the results suggest you could be at risk for COVID-19, Oscar will provide a link to find a testing facility near you.

We will continue to update this article with new websites as they come out, in addition to any changes existing sites make to their surveys and processes.

Cover image and screenshots by Jake Peterson/Gadget Hacks

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