How To: Adjust screen timeout on your Android phone

Adjust screen timeout on your Android phone

Mike Callahan will show you the tricky process of changing the screen timeout on your Android cell phone. While some people like their screen to black out right after they finish using it others prefer it to stay lit for a while. Mr. Callahan shows you how to change the setting regardless of how you like it. First tap on settings. Next, tap on sound and display. Then, you are going to want to scroll down until you get to screen time out. After selecting the screen time out option, you will have the option to pick the amount of time it takes for the screen to time out that suits you best.

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Sad thing is it requires picking up the phone and pushing down on power button to re-activate the screen. It should be simpler, easier and quicker such as tapping it to turn it back on. Really dumb!

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