How To: Add NES games to your iPod Touch with CUTEFTP

Add NES games to your iPod Touch with CUTEFTP

There has been an update with the NES emulator, so you have to put the ROMs in the
/var/mobile/Media/ROMs/NES folder, and not the /var/root/Media/ROMs/NES folder.

Another Note: you must install BSD Subsystem and OpenSSH through Installer in your iPod before configuring your iPod to CuteFTP.

This simple tutorial tells you how to add NES games to your iPod Touch. I apologize for not having a microphone, that's why I typed everything in Word.

The two links for the web page to download games are the following:

The link to download CuteFTP is the following:

Here are the steps to install CuteFTP:
1. Open the link I gave you and download and install CuteFTP.

2. Open up the task manager and end all processes that have to do with iTunes.

3. Open up CuteFTP and configure your ipod with the window that pops up, if this isn't the first time you open CuteFTP, the window won't pop up, so go to File - Connect - Connection Wizard.

4. In "Host Address", just type your iPod's IP Address. If you don't know what that is, on you iPod, open Settings / Wi-Fi / click on the blue arrow next to your network, and there it is.

5. Click next, on this screen, they will ask you for a user name and password, for user name, type root, and for password type alpine, click next and wait.

6. On the next screen just click next, or choose a folder if you want to, then click Next, or Finish.

* When you want to connect your iPod, next time you open CuteFTP, there is a sidebar on the right, just click on the tab "Site Manager", and right click the one with your iPod's IP Address. iTunes CAN be open and running after installation, so you don't have to en all iTunes processes next time you open CuteFTP.

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