How To: Add a contact to your Android cell phone

Add a contact to your Android cell phone

No matter what Android enabled mobile device you have, if you want to add a contact to it, it's easy and the process of adding contacts (phone numbers, names, email addresses, etc) is practically the same. But how do you do it? Best Buy has answers. The Best Buy Mobile team explains how simple it is to add a contact to your Android enabled cell phone.

Dave: "Hi, my name is Dave and I work in the Best Buy in Union Square, Manhattan and today I am gonna show you how to add a contact on your new Android phone. First, your'e going to want to go to your home screen. Press contacts, [it] comes to this screen. We don't have any just yet, but were going to fix that. Hit the menu button, new contact, and simply type in the information like the name and a phone number. When you're done, simply press done and your new contact appears in your phone."

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