How To: Fix your bricked Apple iPhone or iPod Touch

Fix your bricked Apple iPhone or iPod Touch

A simple tutorial on how to fix your iphone or ipod touch from a Bricked state. A brick is frozen and pretty incapacitated. It happens sometimes when you try to jailbreak. This is a method of getting it unbricked. It's pretty straight forward.

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thanks man,that saved my life and my ipod.i just bought this ipod for $10.00 today and they didnt know how to fix it.thanks and much ablyged.

sir please help!
my 2nd gen ipod is not working, i would like to ask for instruction on How to fix ipod touch with passcode ptotected.!? before it was happened my sytem theme crash and on my ipod i clicked retry then after that my ipod touch is not responding. Please help Thanks!

Great Work !

I'm Glad You Took Your Time To Make This Video.
Your Owed Gratitude From Whomever Watches This ..


What the hell is that? That's your wonderful fix it for bricked iPhones? Plug it into iTunes? The term "bricked" really means that it won't work even when plugged into iTunes. If iTunes restores it on the first go, it's not really bricked. That's like saying, "here's how to fix a broken computer--unplug it then turn it on again."

i sir good day i was having problem with my ipod touch after jail breaking it.its seemd to be in same picture that appear but it does not work in said that unlock the passcode with the ipod touch..i hope u can help me in my problem..
thankyou..if u have time pls send me me message in my

thank you soooo much!!!! your video saved my bricked iphone! i watched a lot of videos on how to fix but somehow it didn't work but when i watched your video, it worked! thank you, thank you!!!

When I start the restore part on i Tunes, halfway through the process iTunes says that a problem occurred and cannot restore it back to factory settings. what can this be? HELP!

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