How To: Bricked Your Samsung Phone? Here's How to Fix It with Pencil Lead

Bricked Your Samsung Phone? Here's How to Fix It with Pencil Lead

A bricked phone is, as the name implies, pretty much useless. There are various degrees of brickdom, but whether it happens as a result of malware or a software update gone wrong, it's always equally annoying. A Samsung device can be "unbricked" using a few resistors or a USB jig, which forces it back into download mode, but why buy one when you can make it yourself?

YouTube user stompyonos did just that, but he didn't have a resistor, so he hacked one together using a piece of paper, two paperclips, and graphite from a pencil. He folded the paper twice and used a pencil to scribble heavily on both sides, then attached the paperclips.

The paperclips are connected to the wires from an old Nokia charger he took apart. The graphite from the pencil acts as a variable resistor, which means that the resistance can be altered by changing the distance between the paperclips. To make sure he was getting the right amount of resistance, he hooked everything up to a multimeter.

The resistance is key to making this work. As shown in the video, for the Samsung Captivate, it needs to be at around 300-330 kiloohms, but this should work for any Samsung device. Just do a quick search to find out how much resistance is needed for yours and adjust the paperclips accordingly.

Don't have a Samsung? We also have tutorials on how to unbrick your iPhone or iPod, PSP, and lots of other devices.

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