Forum Thread: Uninstall 3rd Party Security Software for Iphone 3G?


I hope you can help me. My iphone 3G had been jailbreak and i forgot that i am not supposed to update it using itunes. Anyways, Apple already granted our request for a permanently factory unlocked but the problem now is that it won't recognized my sim and activate. I've already did a factory reset when i've updated it again. Accdg. to apple troubleshooting guide, probably there maybe a 3rd party software that modified the default packet size in windows by inserting a TCP window size entry into my registry. Since i had no idea whose the manufacturer of the packet size software that installed the packet size modification i could not asked for an assistance. Also, Apple said i could probably resolve this by uninstalling the 3rd party security software. So please, i hope you could helped me figure this out. I am not much of a techie person but i can follow whatever you tell me. Thank you so much. I really hope to hear from you the soonest. God bless!

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