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We can see lot of developments in android smartphones this year. Numerous models with excellent features enter stores every day. Whenever we choose a smartphone, the first thing we considered is the brand. But, this year the trend has been changed. Customers began to pick the phones which has fascinating and exceptional features regardless of brand. Here I listed top three android smartphones of the year 2015 and the reasons for the selection. They turned all people's heads towards those mobiles with their mesmerizing features.

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3. Sony Xperia Z5 Compact

Sony is the very popular brand that produced a grand mobile Xperia Z5 in this year. We know iphone 6s plus is the most prominent model that has been sold in very large scale. But, Z5 beated it in terms of both specifications and design. The mobile has tremendous features that makes everyone to hurry the store. It has incorporated with top notch hardware that is same as iPhone's. This is the third top android smartphone of the year. It has only one SIM slot, otherwise it would have reached either first or second place. But, you can use internet in lightning speed by 4G LTE SIM. The configuration is exactly as people expected. For example, the updated OS, high end cameras and large memory for heavy use. Higher range of ISO is 12800 and bright LED light allows to auto focus and take 5x clear images even at very low lights. It is premium smartphone with all expected features that is affordable for both middle class and those who need a rich branded grand phone.

2. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

It is one of the costliest and sleekest phones ever released from Samsung. It is very much similar to Xperia z5, only with some minor differences in specifications and design. The HD photos can be easily taken with 2160p 16MP camera. The front camera has some incredible feature such as HDR, 1440p at 30fps which makes selfies more crystal clear. The splendid feature is its wireless charging. Charging becomes very easy and fast by using a wireless charger. Large internal memory, high end camera, improved battery, additional camera features, 5-inch corning gorilla glass are the very new and fantastic features given from Samsung, which makes the phone to stand unique in market. We can get all these features from none other phones except from Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung recently launched this luxury smartphone by using innovative technologies. It is the costliest phone in note series. The phone is perfect for all kinds of users. It is a very stylish jumbo screened smartphone. The s-pen is a new unique feature that used to write and store everything at one touch. When some new feature is introduced, people are intended to use it. In that too, the S-pen is really a very useful for everyone who don't want to use keypad anymore. It is not so costlier than edge and Xperia z5. But, the features make it to be a no 1 smartphone of 2015 among all brands. It is the first smartphone from Samsung that comes with 4GB RAM and 5.7 inch HD screen with 518ppi high resolution. since the screen size is increased, the battery power is simultaneously improved to provide same life as edge. Camera specification is same as in edge. But, the processor is 1.5 GHz octa-core processor. The new features gesture control, handwriting and fabulous configurations are the main reason for this model's success. Overall, it is perfect for very hard use and suitable to every person who want a stylish featured luxurious smartphone. It is certainly the android of the year 2015.


Every year, the manufacturer plans to incorporate new and very new features to mesmerize us. As the technology is growing very fast, people also look forward for some additional features like improved battery life, high resolution camera and screen and much more improvements in OS`s. So, Manufacturer have to think more to satisfy customers.

We can expect new smartphones with mind blowing features and specifications in the upcoming year 2016.

Who will win next year?

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