Forum Thread: Nintendo & DeNA Team Up—What Does This Mean for Mobile Gaming?

Nintendo and Japanese company DeNA have announced a partnership to bring the Nintendo characters we know and love to your mobile device.

They've also made clear that they will not be transferring classic games to mobile platforms, rather creating games with Nintendo characters from the ground up.

So while it seems that the collaboration is banking on Nintendo's intellectual property, bringing popular characters to new games, are you excited for what's to come, or is this just a good business move to get people paying for games with characters that trigger nostalgia?

All I know is that we better get some Pokemon.

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Dang! I was hoping for official support, rather than using emulators, for games like Mario Cart, Metroid, maybe even some Contra.

Yeah, that would have been awesome. As it stands, though, I hope we can get some decent spinoffs out of the deal. Like a side-scroller that bears a striking resemblance to Super Mario Bros, but completely redone in the vein of New Super Mario Bros Wii/U.

I'd like to see classic games more than new games myself. Too bad. I'm more interested in playing the games I used to play as a kid.

I know they would never support every classic game of theirs, but I'd like to see them encourage people to vote on the older games they'd like to see on mobile, then produce like the top 5 or so. That would at least help them see if there is demand to do even more.

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