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Hi, New Here Today. I Have a Phone/Phone Number in My Possession Right Now. It Is Going to Be Transferred to Another Phone That I Will Not Be Able to Access Very Soon. Is There Any Way to Begin Monitoring This Phone Number by Pc That Will Be Able to Continue to Monitor After the Transfer? Thanks for Any Help

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Do you mean the phone number will be transferred to another phone immediately, but you just won't have access to the phone, or that you don't actually have a phone right now, and are just saving the phone number until you get one?

If you're not getting another phone right away, and you haven't already closed your current cellular plan, you can transfer it to a Google Voice number for a small $20 fee. More info here.

And once you're ready to get a new phone and cellular provider, you can transfer it from Google Voice to them, for a $3 fee. More info on that here.

Right now the phone and this phone number are in my possession. But the number will be transferred to another phone tomorrow and that phone will not be available to me. I was wondering if there was a way to hack/spy the number and follow it by PC rather than the cell phone itself.

So you're letting someone borrow your phone for a bit (or forever) and you want to spy on them? Good luck with that. Null Byte might be a better place to ask your question.

I know my wife is cheating or doing something that she shouldn't be her phone is a Samsung galaxy edge it always has the ringer off and passcode blocking me from seeing what on the phone can u help me prove what she is texting or places she's going by using my iphone

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