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Forum Thread: How to Directly Edit/Upload/Share a Screenshot After Taking It

Sometimes, when you take a screenshot on our Android phone, you want to do more, such as cropping or annotating it. A lot of screenshot apps enable you to do edit the screenshot directly after you take it. But most of them need you to root your phone, which you may have misgivings to do. So, here I'm going to give you a way that doesn't need you to root the phone, but also get instant editing options.

Forum Thread: How to Recover Data on Iphone in Recovery Mode with Kali Linux

Hello everybody. I've an iphone 4s (ios 8.4). I never did the backup on itunes or icloud. But I must recover the data inside before restore it with itunes, (I just tried the update tool with itunes without success).. Kali Linux doesn't recognize the device, cos it is in recovery mode. is it possible to recognize the idevice as a memory card on Kali Linux or other distributions? What tool can I use?

Gold Baby: One Apple Watch, or Four Galaxy S6s?

As Android Central pointed out yesterday, the UK-based jeweler Goldgenie is ready to give the upcoming Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge the luxury treatment. Available in 24k Gold, Rose Gold, and Platinum, these devices will set you back about $2500. But put another way, that's about a quarter of price of the base Apple Watch Edition variant. While I definitely think spending 10-17 thousand dollars on a watch that could be obsolete in 2 years (if not sooner) is simply absurd, does that make a gold Galax...

Forum Thread: CRAZY Little Girl Destroys Phone with Baseball Bat

A crazed little girl completely DESTROYS an expensive Windows phone with a baseball bat! For those of you wondering why she was so crazy: She had just gotten a new Windows Nokia Lumia 920 and couldn't figure out how to adjust the brightness. Instead of just looking up how to do it, she decided that it would be a better idea to first completely destroy the phone with a baseball bat, and then throw it into the water.